Memories For a Lifetime Together

Congratulations to you and your fiancé! While I don't yet know the story of how the two of you met and fell in love, I know the inspiration and excitement within you both to commit to sharing a life together is very powerful and runs deep in your hearts. I hope that you will permit us the honor of photographing your wedding day in a way that speaks to the two of you and the life you will share together.

When I look back on the story of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying my wife, Ashley, I think what an incredible journey it has been and continues to be. The photographs from our wedding day and the album and prints we made from it are moments forever preserved for us to remember and revisit often. They also serve as reminders of the importance of what we are creating for you when we photograph your wedding.

Our coverage package is not limited by a specific number of hours, and we utilize both a lead photographer and an assistant/second shooter to capture the beauty and many wonderful moments throughout your wedding day: from the early parts of the day as you begin to get ready, to the first time you see each other and throughout your ceremony, to the time we spend together taking portraits of you both as well as with your family and friends, and, of course, during the celebration and excitement of your reception! To best achieve this, I will work with you both in-person and via Zoom or messaging to help with planning. I like to visit each site we will be at, even if I have been there before, to visualize and prepare for your day. We also ask if we may attend the rehearsal for every wedding we shoot to fine tune our approach and answer any questions you might have for us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your approach?

The first thing I start with in preparing to photograph your wedding is to learn about the plans you have for your special day and the story you and your fiancé are writing together as a couple. I truly consider it a privilege and an honor to be invited into your day and to photograph your moments together, and I am sure you have been imagining what your wedding day will look like for almost as long as you can remember

Our wedding style and approach leans towards photojournalism and focuses on capturing each moment in a beautiful, natural, timeless way. We want the portraits we take to be snapshots of living moments as much as possible. We do our best to make it as fun and relaxed as possible for you and your family and friends as we capture each part of your wedding story.

Can you tell us a bit more about your visual style and how you will pose us?

Unless our clients have a strong preference for one versus the other, we tend to balance color images with the use of classic black and white throughout. Although we love natural light, we often use flash or other tools to enhance the existing light to make what would have been a good photograph into a great one. In general, we pay careful attention to fine details, have a love of working and interacting with people, and use our knowledge and practice and preparation to find and capture the unique beauty throughout your wedding.

Posing can be very intimidating and so we do our best to make it much less so! Most often, we will position you in a particular location, give you a few basic directions on what to do, and then make minor adjustment to what you do naturally in that moment and space so that you look your best when the photo is taken. We tend to keep the cameras rolling "between moments" too because those are often the most natural, relaxed, and genuine photographs.

How much coverage?

You will find we don't charge or limit coverage by the hour. Doing so tends to become a source of stress (sometimes for me as much as you!) and could exclude some of the most beautiful, touching moments of your day. We also recognize that some details and the timeline of your wedding day may change a few times after we first meet. We will gladly discuss your planning and how we can best cover your wedding day. Most of the time, we are present for "full day" coverage. However, sometimes our clients have a more compact day planned. If you fall into the latter category, just let us know your plans and we will work with you to create a coverage package that suits your needs.

Please also take a look at our "Services" section for more specific information on our wedding package and pricing.

What are the benefits of having an assistant/second photographer?

Our package includes an assistant/second photographer. This is usually my wife, Ashley, who is very talented and knows the details and vision we have as a team, but I also work with other great individuals whom I trust and respect. The presence of a second person streamlines many processes and gives us multiple, unique angles to shoot a particular moment from. It also allows us to split up to cover different locations simultaneously when necessary. This really helps tell a more complete story of your wedding day through the images.

How do we book?

I always love to meet couples well before the big day, whether that’s through an engagement shoot, hanging out at a coffee shop, or talking on Zoom. My contract and terms are easy to understand, and I kindly require a 30% deposit to hold your date and move forward. Please remember that with the nature of wedding photography, booking dates are limited. Being the first couple to make a deposit is the only way to confirm your day with us.

What's your editing style?

I want your images to be beautiful and timeless without following trends. I prioritize rich, vibrant colors, and black and white images are typically given a classic sepia or antique effect. I will pay special attention to skin tones and luminosity levels as I develop your photographs together in sets that are consistent. I think put the sets together as a complete, cohesive album. This is all done while taking the environment, mood, and theme of your wedding into account.

How do you backup and secure the photographs?

All of our cameras write to two separate memory cards simultaneously, giving me an instant backup of the files. All images are again backed up by the end of the day in multiple locations to ensure safe storage.

What if we don't have a wedding coordinator?

While many of our clients do choose to work with a wedding coordinator, many others do not. Whichever you choose, we will work with you on scheduling and ensuring the wedding photography runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We spend a significant amount of time doing research and planning in advance so that we can help you with any scheduling concerns there may be and to be as prepared as possible for each part of your wedding day.

Do you do engagement sessions? What about wedding albums?

YES! As part of our wedding package, we offer you the option of choosing an engagement session, wedding album, or canvas print(s). We can also add one or more of the other options on, if you'd like to do more than one. Some of our clients choose all three, and while adding options does increase the cost, we do our best to work with clients on pricing.

We love to do engagement sessions, and these are a great way for us to get to know and become more comfortable with one another. We love the excitement and anticipation these sessions capture in the two of you as well. Sessions can vary depending on the location(s), number of outfits you'd like to wear, and how much fun we are having! There is no hard cap on the amount of time we spend together taking photographs, but a typical session is around 90 minutes.

We can work with you to create a custom wedding album as well. You may favorite images in the gallery and then we will put together a draft for the album and begin fine tuning it with you before a final order is placed. The process is similar, although more streamlined, for making a large canvas.

Do you travel outside of the Evansville area?

Yes! We often travel many (sometimes even hundreds of) miles to photograph a wedding or other event, and I would be happy to discuss my services with you even if you're not located in the Evansville/Southwest Indiana area. Typically, anything within a 90-mile radius is included and won't require us to ask for any travel expense compensation.

How long before we see the photographs?

I’ll typically get the album to you within six to eight weeks, sometimes sooner, depending on where we are in the season. I do like to communicate with you periodically on where I am in the editing process and update you of the delivery date as I get close to finishing. All images are posted to an online gallery you can view, share, download, and order prints from, and these images are all free from watermarks and delivered in two resolutions; full for printing and low for social media.

What is the price for wedding day coverage?

Our package is $2600 and includes your choice of an engagement session, wedding album, or canvas print(s). If you would like to choose two, or perhaps all three, you may add them for $250 each. For an itemized list of what is included in the wedding package, please take a look at the "Services" menu tab. If you have additional questions about our package, would like to discuss a slightly different plan based on your specific needs, or if you're ready to book, please send us a message! We'd love to talk with you!

from our clients:



We loved the locations and had a lot of fun working with you. The way you two work together as a team would make anyone comfortable. So many amazing pictures to choose from!

- Kierstin


James was very patient with our family during our photo shoot. We were very impressed with the color and composition of his images and his professionalism. 1828 Photography is the only place we will go for family pictures from now on.

- Eric and Crystal