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Our Approach

What is our style?

Our style focuses on capturing each moment in a beautiful, timeless way. It is a privilege for us to be invited into your day and to photograph your moments together.
We do our best to make it as fun and relaxed as possible for you and your family and friends as we capture each part of your wedding story and preserve it for you forever.

A few of the details:

We balance color images with the use of classic black and white throughout. We love natural light, but we often use flash or other tools to make good photographs look even better. We don't generally pose you, but we will work with what you do naturally and make minor adjustments so you look your best. In general, we have a careful attention to detail, a love of working with people, and will use our knowledge and practice and preparation to find the unique beauty throughout your wedding.

How much coverage?

You will find we don't charge or limit coverage by the hour. Doing so tends to become a source of stress (sometimes for me as much as you!) and could cut out some of the most beautiful, touching moments of your day. We will meet with you in-person to discuss planning and how we can best cover your wedding day. I would love to meet with you to discuss your needs and show you everything I offer. Most meetings take about an hour.

Please see our Portfolio and Services sections for galleries and more specific information on wedding packages.

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Congratulations to you and your fiancé! While I don't yet know the story of how the two of you met and fell in love, I know the inspiration within you both to commit to sharing a life together is very powerful and runs deep in your hearts. I hope that you will permit me the honor of recording your wedding day in a way that speaks to the two of you and the life you've shared and will share together.

When I look back on the story of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying my wife, Ashley, I think what an incredible journey it has been. The photographs from our wedding day are moments forever preserved for us to remember and we still revisit them often. They also serve as reminders of the importance of what I am creating for you when I photograph your wedding.

I'll find the photographic beauty in every part of your wedding, from the early parts of the day as you get ready, to the first time you see each other and your ceremony, and into the celebration and excitement of your reception.

Throughout the day, I'll capture the many smiles and emotions as you and your your family and friends come together - with photographs that will help preserve your day and serve as vivid reminders of what you felt every step along the way. My goal is to give you beautiful photographs of your wedding, while keeping the experience as fun and relaxed as possible, and without interrupting the flow of your wedding day.

from our clients:


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We loved the locations and had a lot of fun working with you. The way you two work together as a team would make anyone comfortable. So many amazing pictures to choose from!

- Kierstin


James was very patient with our family during our photo shoot. We were very impressed with the color and composition of his images and his professionalism. 1828 Photography is the only place we will go for family pictures from now on.

- Eric and Crystal



I often travel hundreds of miles to photograph an event, and I would be happy to discuss my services with you even if you're not in the Evansville area.


Sessions can vary depending on the location(s), number of outfits you'd like to wear, and how much fun we are having! I don't put a hard cap on the amount of time we spend, but it's typically between 1-2 hours.