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We loved the locations and had a lot of fun working with you. The way you two work together as a team would make anyone comfortable. So many amazing pictures to choose from!

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The Eubanks

James was very patient with our family during our photo shoot. We were very impressed with the color and composition of his images and his professionalism. 1828 Photography is the only place we will go for family pictures from now on.


Fun Facts

about me

I love bicycling. I am mostly a "roadie" but I do ride trails occasionally. While I've scaled back a lot in recent years, I have ridden thousands and thousands of miles and completed the RAIN ride in 2010.

My wife and I met through Tres Dias. We have had an amazing journey together, and she has graciously helped me realize my dream of becoming a professional photographer.

I am an avid hiker and backpacker. It's hard to choose a favorite destination, but so far I would have to say Glacier National Park.

While most of my friends and relatives disagree, I love the snow and wish we had more of it. I try to catch as much of the Winter Olympic Games as I can when it comes around every four years. If I could compete in them, I would want to try cross-country skiing (biathlon) and curling.

About ten or twelve years ago, I taught myself Norwegian using some books and CDs. I'm terribly out of practice now, but I used to have my Facebook and smartphone set up in Norwegian to help me learn/retain it. En dag, jeg vil gjerne reise til Norge.

I have a very vivid memory, but I am terrible with names. When I meet with clients, I ask for the names of close family, friends, etc. and write them down. Later, I make flashcards and use mnemonics and practice to have them memorized before an event. My wife meets a person or hears a name one time and remembers it forever!

I love peanut butter. It's one of the only foods my dad absolutely will not eat.

My "life verse" is Psalms 18:28. It resonates with me, not just spiritually, but also as a photographer. I could not do what I do without light, especially His light.

For You light my lamp; The Lord my God illumines my darkness.

Psalms 18:28